My Company has an annual presentation that we make to our ESOP members and we were looking for a fun way to get everyone engaged at this event. I was looking online for a Company that would be able to provide us with software that would enable to do a competition involving everyone (around 75) being on their cell phone answering questions about our Company then have the ability to accumulate the results then show them on a big screen. Winners, of course, would receive prizes and all would get a better understanding of our Company.

I loved the way that you have set up your software. It would be perfect for what we are trying to do.

The only drawback to your concept is that I have to buy a whole year of service when I really only need a month worth of service (if it worked well we would definitely come back to it next year). One of your Competitors is offering a one month service. I haven't made a decision yet but you may want to think about adding this component to your pricing plans.