Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


New design & features on the Results page
- allowing you to get an instant overview of response rates without having to download the excel sheet. Learn more about results and how to see them in this help article.
Easier to understand segmentation
- now you can simply hover over the bars when using segmentation to see the how the different groups have responded!
Clearer naming in app
- the term "voting" has been replaced with "responses" throughout the product for better clarity. Additionally, we've reorganized and renamed various settings and instructions to make them more intuitive.
Weighted voting on Open ended
- you can now allow for your participants to vote more than once on a single response in Open Ended questions with a simple toggle, allowing for more accurate voting & brainstorming.
Enhanced participant experience
- Questions from audience, Comments from audience and Reactions are now streamlined, ensuring they don’t hide behind the keyboard or scroll unintentionally.
🗃Group responses to Open Ended questions using AI
- with more than 10 submissions, you can simply hit the spacebar to group the answers live - giving you an overview of the answers in easy-to-digest groups. Great for getting a quick overview of your audience input - no matter the group size! Note: this feature needs to be enabled first - read more here.
🏷 Ranking slide update
- We have just released a new more usable and accessible version of the Ranking question for your participants! Now you can simply tap or drag options to rank them, instead of having to use multiple dropdowns. Check it out here!
🔗New Share Modal
- allowing you to easily share the voting link, invite people to collaborate on building your presentations, as well as share the results with your participants.
- you can now explore all Menti integrations right in Home view. Connect Menti with your favorite tools such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more!
🎨 Brand new theme offering
- you can now customize your presentations with 6 new themes! Check out the new classics such as True blue, Mellow yellow and Lovely lavender.
🧠 Brainstorm with Menti - Conduct brainstorming and workshop sessions in Menti with the new Voting on Open Ended feature! With this new toggle, you can let your participants submit ideas and then vote on them. An easy and effective way to gather the best ideas in one place - perfect for any brainstorming or workshop session!
🏡 Your New Home - recently edited presentations, templates and popular features are now found in the Home View. Search all of your presentations & slides with the new Search bar in the top right corner. In the Home view, you can also find our new Quick Guides - a great way to get to know Mentimeter’s capabilities!
🖥 Brand new app for Zoom - making it far smoother to add a Mentimeter presentation to any Zoom meeting. One click to share your Menti presentation and your participants can vote directly in the Zoom meeting window - no voting device required!
🗓 We made it easier to manage workspace members - for our workspace admins on Enterprise plan, you now have a clearer overview of who is who. If your workspace has verified your organization's email domains through our Domain Control settings, non-members are now found in a separate tab and are no longer just a filter. They can easily be invited by clicking the new Invite button. Read more about this here.
🖥 Brand New Mentimeter App in Microsoft Teams - making it far easier to add a Mentimeter presentation to any Teams meeting. One click to share your Menti presentation and your participants can vote directly in the Teams meeting window - no voting device required!
🗂A new home for all things interactive - there's a new Interactivity tab inside the editor where you can configure the interactive settings of your slides.
🚨Join your workspace in Menti to start co-editing, sharing and collaborating with your colleagues! Users without SSO login can request to join a workspace giving admins more control over who uses their licenses.
📝 SCIM for Groups - Our SCIM feature just got better and we now support SCIM Groups for our Enterprise customers.
🪧Sign in with Microsoft - you can now sign up and login using Microsoft on
🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 New Shared Presentations tab in the sidebar now allows entire teams to automatically access and collaborate on presentations
➡️ Navigation arrows - we’re now permanently showing navigation arrows in present view.
📫 New instructions bar - New instructions bar design released. One click to copy the voting code.
👍 Reactions are now available for all Mentimeter slides, including interactive question slides.
🌱 50 brand new templates for business and education use cases are now available directly your account under the Templates tab
👏 Mentimeter for teams is now released for users on the basic plan. Collaborate and share your presentations with team members.
🪞Rich previews - Hovering over a template or presentation in the new Home view now shows an animated preview.
🔌 Brand new PowerPoint plugin - Create your Mentimeter slides directly in PowerPoint. Your Mentimeter slides will automatically match your chosen PowerPoint theme to make your presentations even more interactive.
🗞 What’s new feed released in your account - get inspired by new features directly in the Intercom bubble
New QR code design - Let your audience join easily without covering slide content
📧 New email subscription center - customize your email preferences so you receive exactly what you want
🎓 SSO is now live for MentiAcademy - no need for two accounts, use your Mentimeter account to start learning with one click
🗑 Trash bin available in the side bar - view presentations that you have deleted and recover if needed
📊 New Sidebar design: distinguish easier between Design and Content. You can now hover over the Design layout button to quickly see how the slide would look in your presentation.