This was partially fixed in the request below:
When you ask a question / poll currently it shows the # of people responding at the bottom right of the screen.
We NEED the ability to either Turn the # of responses OFF For Audience View OR Turn the # of people answering into a % number (Globally). The same is true when we use Bars to show what answer the most people chose. We need Percentage option there also.(YOU Already FIXED This!)
This is Important b/c a lot of times on Sales Webinars people attending have the perception that there are a lot more people attending than there actually are. Obviously I would never Lie and say we have 500 people here, when we may have 75. As the saying goes...Perception Is Reality.
100% of the "Survey" products we pay for offer this ability...if we provide a print out of the results to everyone who took the survey they see % response Everywhere, while we (Admins) can see Total #'s and % breakdowns.
Besides this one item we have to have created a AWESOME Product!!!!